A Day in the Life - Rodeo Nationals

A Day in the Life - Rodeo Nationals

A Day in the Life: Training and Competing in Rodeo

Here at Go a Little Nuts! We believe that nutrition matters, especially in regards to young athletes. Max is a local rodeo competitor, kind enough to reach out to us for a sponsorship. Max believed that the proper nutrients and preparation make a monumental difference in his performance during rodeo. So we asked him to walk us through some of the ways Max prepares for rodeo, competing, and the mental aftermath.

We started by asking Max to walk us through a typical day of training for rodeo. Max responded with “Absolutely! I wake up early and make sure the horses are fed and watered first thing. Then, we water the training area and drag it to ensure the dirt is patted down properly. We put horn wraps on the steers, and usually have one header and one heeler ready. We run the steers through to practice … After training, we make sure all the animals are back in their corrals and well taken care of with food and water.

We wanted to get an overview of the typical day of rodeo looks like, and then jumped into how to mentally and physically prepare.

He let us know that on rodeo nights, he makes sure to get a good night's sleep to be able to wake up early. Throughout the day, he focus mentally on the rodeo, practicing positive thinking and breathing techniques to stay calm and focused.

Next we asked what his favorite event to compete in is, and why. Max said his main event is Team Roping. He told us he actually wasn’t as successful last rodeo season, but he persevered and continued to practice. He even said “I love the coordination it takes,” and the team effort it requires.

Fun Snacking and Nutrition

Next we wanted to know if he felt like nutrition mattered, and if so, how? He told us his mom always makes him and his family a big breakfast. He said its very important to ensure he’s getting enough food and nutrients prior to competing in order to keep him energized and ready. He said, “Food definitely affects performance. If you aren’t roping on a full stomach, you might not have enough power for your throw.” 

Max also ensures he packs snacks for the snacking along the way to his rodeo location, this year he even brought some Walnut Snack Packs to keep him fueled as he competes. 

How the Passion Formed

We asked Max what initially drew him to rodeo, he responded “ I got into rodeo because my brother and dad would practice, and as soon as I could stand, I wanted to help train with the rope. I was practicing roping as early as I can remember. When I was one, I would pull myself up, holding the edge of our table and start trying to throw the rope,” along side his dad.

We admired the way this memory seemed to be fond of Max and his family, becoming something they could bond over from a very early point in his life. He continued on to say his dad is his main inspiration and role model in his life currently, and what started his passion within rodeo.

Participating in a completive sport from a young age can prove challenging, and not always successful. We asked Max to share an experience where he faced a setback or failure, and how he overcame it. He said “a couple of years ago at the state finals, I didn't catch any calves and only caught one. It was tough, but I learned not to focus on the failures. I kept practicing, knowing that even the best of the best, like Michael Jordan, miss sometimes.”

He finished by saying that along with focusing on the persevering, his buddy Levi, his horses, and dad motivate him to keep pushing, because its fun and they’re all part of it.

Balancing School and Rodeo

We finished off our interview with discussing how he balances his schoolwork with rodeo preparation. Max said he focuses on completing his school work throughout the week so he can complete all of his homework by Friday. Rodeo is always over the weekend, so this system allows him to put his time fully into competing when the time comes. Along with his school work, Max enjoys giving back to his fellow classmates and community by helping newcomers practice. He gives them lots of time and tips on the correct form so they can start their rodeo journey off on the right foot.

We had such a great time interviewing Max, and we are so grateful to be part of a community like this one. Wishing Max & Mater the best of luck in their Rodeo Nationals!

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