How to Store Walnuts

How to Store Walnuts

Did you know that walnuts are more like produce than a pantry item? I used to think that I didn’t like walnuts, but it turned out that I didn’t like bad walnuts. If you have ever bought walnuts from the grocery store and they tasted off, you may know what I mean. Walnuts are generally stored incorrectly without anyone knowing! We take our storage conditions and shelf life very seriously and the flavor and texture can prove how important that is!

At Go A Little Nuts, we crack all of our walnuts to order which means that the walnuts stay in the shell to preserve freshness as long as possible. We also keep them stored in cold conditions after they have been cracked. We recommend that you keep them in the fridge or freezer as well. You'll be able to taste the difference immediately.

Many store-bought walnuts are also older and therefore more bitter and sometimes rancid tasting. This is because walnuts have a shelf life of 18 months from their harvest date. Most walnuts are harvested around September or October every year, so they are good to eat up to 2 March’s later if stored correctly. Did you know that walnuts absorb scent? Make sure you’re keeping your walnuts away from any strong odors, so they always taste and fresh and delicious as possible.

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