Who We Are

Our commitment to the environment is steadfast. We ensure that no part of the nut goes to waste in our production process, thereby preserving nature's bounty and reducing our environmental footprint. It is our way of giving back to the earth that generously provides us with its rich harvest.

  • Environmentally Responsible Farming

    At 'Go a Little Nuts', we embody environmentally responsible farming. We use precision techniques and solar energy to conserve resources. Furthermore, we believe in zero waste. Walnut hulls enrich our orchard soil, while the shells find use in various industries. Our practices aim to nourish our planet as much as our product nourishes you.

  • Innovation

    'Go a Little Nuts' marries innovation with tradition. We innovate products and storage, ensuring fresh, creative ways to enjoy walnuts. Our supply chain emphasizes local sourcing and full traceability, while tech-savvy strategies engage and educate consumers. Innovation at 'Go a Little Nuts' is a promise, not just a process.

  • Supporting Local Economy

    'Go a Little Nuts' champions local economy. Through local sourcing, job creation, and community involvement, we contribute more than just our high-quality walnuts. We foster community growth by engaging in local partnerships, making us an integral part of the local ecosystem.

  • Consumer Education

    At 'Go a Little Nuts', we educate customers about sustainable living, the nutritional benefits of our walnuts, and the transparency of our production. We offer creative ways to enjoy walnuts and share why supporting us means investing in health and sustainability. We sell more than walnuts - we sell a conscious lifestyle.

From the Source

We understand the importance of growing healthy food from the source. We want you to know where your food comes from. Click below to watch a video that will show the process of harvesting walnuts right here at our farm!