Who We Are

Hello there! Welcome to 'Go a Little Nuts'. We're not just about selling quality walnuts; we believe in taking you on a 'Harvest to Health' journey that lets you snack from the source. Our base of operations is nestled in beautiful Los Molinos, California, alongside the life-giving Sacramento River. Here is where the magic starts, where we attentively nurture walnut orchards over a period of five to seven years, leading up to their first harvest. But our commitment to each tree doesn't stop there; it extends throughout its productive life, which impressively can span over 30 years or more!

Every stage of growth and harvesting reflects our unwavering commitment to quality. From the moment trees are planted, to their maturity into sturdy, productive trees, we ensure careful, consistent care is provided, embodying our dedication to delivering quality walnuts from our family to yours.

Let's get started!

As the glow of the summer sun turns golden, signaling the onset of September, the harvesting process begins. We employ mechanical shakers to dislodge the walnuts from their leafy homes. Once on the ground, the harvest is collected and the walnuts embark on the next stage of their journey at the huller, where they lose their outer green husk. Following this, they're washed and air-dried. This process is specifically designed to preserve the quality of the walnuts during their storage. Finally, the walnuts are cracked open to reveal the kernel within, each of which is meticulously graded and screened for size and color.

Our dedication doesn't stop at delivering quality products. We strive to be transparent about our process and the journey your food takes. We believe that when you understand the source of your food, you'll enjoy it even more.

On the topic of standards, we're proud to be kosher, halal, BRC and sustainably certified. We're committed to not only maintaining these standards but continuously improving. We're also committed to providing nourishing food at affordable rates. We want our walnuts, which we consider a health-conscious choice, to be accessible to everyone.

So, there it is - a detailed journey that each walnut embarks on, ensuring that you and your family can enjoy snacks that come directly from the source. When you choose 'Go a Little Nuts', you're not just picking a healthy snack, you're choosing to be a part of a tradition of quality and dedication. Remember to keep reading for more information on proper storage of our walnuts to ensure they remain as fresh and delicious as the day they were harvested.

Welcome to the 'Go a Little Nuts' family!